Swindon insolvency practice grasps nettle for new name

December 16, 2012

Swindon-based insolvency practice Fairlea Recovery has re-launched as Nettle Insolvency & Debt Resolution.

Founder Carolyn Dunn said the ‘nettle’ in the name is to evoke ‘grasping the nettle’ and sorting out problems with debt. Carolyn started her career in the insolvency profession more than 25 years ago, based in the North East with KPMG. She later moved to another, well-respected firm, gained her formal qualifications, then moved South, initially in a partnership, then setting up her own company in January.

Leading branding specialist Martin Warnes, of Warnes ID Co, created the new brand – the name and graphics – for Nettle, which is based in Cheney Manor.

Carolyn said: “I wanted to start up my own company, having worked for many years with other firms and, lately, in a partnership. We initially started as Fairlea but that didn’t really reflect what we offer as a company. I am delighted with the rebrand because ‘grasping the nettle’ encapsulates what we do, which is helping people to tackle and resolve problems of debt and cashflow.

“We work with both firms and individuals with debt problems. Our work doesn’t always lead to a firm going into liquidation or an individual becoming bankrupt. Often we can help resolve problems before things get that far – the message is, seek advice the earlier the better.”

 Carolyn has worked with a range of clients, from bakeries and tile merchants, to furniture stores and even an equine stud. Notably, she helped with the winding up of Middlesbrough Football Club when it got into financial difficulties in the Eighties.

Martin Warnes, who has created rebrands for more than 300 entities over the past 30 years, said: “You need your brand to make you stand out from the crowd and help people understand what you do. Fairlea simply didn’t achieve this for Carolyn's vision.

“I considered over 15 name and graphic options, Nettle just ticked all the boxes and received very good feedback from everyone we consulted.”

To launch the new-look business, Carolyn is hosting a get-together in mid-December at her offices in the Nexus Business Centre. In the New Year she plans to expand the business and hopes to take on an administrator.



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