Honda to offer ‘release’ packages

December 2, 2008

Honda plans to cut 1,000 jobs at it’s Swindon plant, according to union bosses. A further 233 jobs will be lost at Honda off-shoot SDC in South Marston.

A spokesman for Honda said that there will be no fixed number of job losses and that no one is being forced to go, instead the packages are mainly aimed at those who might see it as a beneficial option.

Honda will introduce what it calls “associate release packages” whereby staff can voluntarily opt to be let go. The options are that they are given a lump sum in exchange for their resignation, or employees can choose a sabbatical scheme, whereby staff can take extended leave on half-pay.

Honda reiterated today that they wanted to retain staff but reduce manpower because of future expansions.

At logistics firm SDC, 135 permanent jobs and 100 agency workers are set to be let go.

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