Showcase event aims to bridge the gap between education, industry and enterprise

March 11, 2014

Swindon Academy, with the support of Business in the Community (BITC), is holding a pioneering event to bring together the worlds of education, industry and enterprise.

The initiative, which will address the needs of both education and business, comes at a time when CBI members have commented that the economy would benefit from the involvement of business leaders in education, encouraging young people to aspire to a career in business, and nurturing the skills young people need for business and life beyond school.

The event, this Thursday, will showcase students’ talents in areas including CAD/CAM, web/social media production, art and design, catering, fashion, music, dance, drama, recording, sport, creative writing, maths, science, languages, and community and environment planning. Businesses will share their own expertise, and at the same time have the opportunity to benefit from those skills through involving students in live projects and commissions.

As well as enjoying improved reputation, recruitment, employee skills, staff motivation and loyalty as a result of partnering with local schools, small businesses and individuals will also be offered opportunities to use school facilities and equipment and will get the benefits of ‘young brains’ on their projects.

For Swindon Academy, the event will herald the beginning of relationships that will provide mentors for students, speakers, and opportunities for outside visits and work experience.  These will help introduce students to the world beyond school, complementing the curriculum, and ensuring that local young people leave school with the right skills to enjoy a successful future.

The event is the start of a journey that we hope will bring staff, students, businesses and communities working closer together for the benefit of the citizens of tomorrow.

Individuals and representatives of local businesses of all sizes will be welcomed at the event, which will begin with an afternoon tea at 4.30pm followed by brief welcome address.

For further information, please contact Elizabeth Carrington-Porter

The event takes place between 4.3pm and 7.30pm at Swindon Academy, Alton Close.


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