Business websites in Swindon fail ‘mobile friendly’ test

October 4, 2012

Only 5% of local business websites in Swindon are mobile friendly according to a survey by web design firm Rubber Dragon.

The survey covered 222 Swindon-based business websites (mainly from IT and marketing sectors) as listed at, all the websites were working, but unfortunately very few of them were found to adjust to mobile devices.
Just 10, or less than 5% of those websites were mobile friendly with responsive designs, meaning they adjust automatically to screen size.
Access by mobile phones doubled in 2011, according to a report on mobile devices reported by Computer World UK traffic from mobiles jumped from 4.3% in January 2011 to 8.5% over the same period this year. In January 2010, the share was just 1.7%.
Revenues from mobile devices are also rising, for example eBay expects to transact mobile volumes of about £6.2bn this year, double 2011′s level, eBay users have already listed over 100 million items on its auction site using mobile devices.
The survey also claims that 35% of the websites tested were in the IT and website design sector (78), and a further 21% were in the marketing, advertising and design sectors (48).
Just a handful, precisely 5, were partially mobile friendly in that they displayed in a large format making it easier to read the text, but these websites couldn’t be classified as having responsive designs.
The testing was carried out on an Android HTC Wildfire mid September 2012.

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